REVIEW: Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

Games based on the Vietnam War have generally been way shittier than they should be when you look at the subject matter. This is one of the most culturally-coded and vibrantly (if horrifically) remembered conflicts, that took place during an explosion of new styles in visual and commercial art, popular music, and has within it […]

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NEWSFLASH: Battlefront 2 and Season Passes

Just a quick tidbit, since this came up a little in my review of They Shall Not Pass: DICE, the same developer, announced that Star Wars Battlefront 2 isn’t going to have a season pass option at all. For the uninformed, season passes have been A Thing in the last few years that lets you […]

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REVIEW: Battlefield 1: They Shall Not Pass Expansion

They Shall Not Pass is a lot of fun, it adds a lot of new stuff for the money, and there’s supposedly more free stuff coming monthly, until In the Name of the Tsar comes out in, uh… well, eventually.

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REVIEW: Mass Effect: Andromeda

There are turians, and krogans, the guns still fold up into goofy little boxes, and everybody’s armor still looks like its from a Power Rangers/Halo crossover fan fiction.

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You have never read an objective review that was helpful to you, as a consumer of video games, unless it was a review of a game you knew nothing about. ‘Objective review’ is not review at all, it’s a summation of mechanical parts and how they interact.