NEWSFLASH: Battlefront 2 and Season Passes

Just a quick tidbit, since this came up a little in my review of They Shall Not Pass:

DICE, the same developer, announced that Star Wars Battlefront 2 isn’t going to have a season pass option at all. For the uninformed, season passes have been A Thing in the last few years that lets you pay a smaller upfront cost for all the DLC a game is going to offer. It’s basically pre-ordering the DLC, except unlike a game pre-order, you have to put down the entire cost at once, rather than, say, paying the minimum for the pre-order content but holding off on the purchase until reviews are in.

I talked about why the way DICE has released DLC for their online multiplayer games in the past hasn’t worked all that well, and their comments seem to confirm that we’re of a similar mind:

Battlefront II creative director Bernd Diemer confirmed the absence of a season pass in an interview with Mashable. “We don’t want to segment our community,” he said with regard to why the team opted to forgo a season pass.

‘Segmenting the community’ is exactly what tends to happen under the current DLC schemes, and its great to hear someone from DICE acknowledging the fact. Unfortunately, I don’t know how they’ll avoid segmenting the community unless big portions of paid content become free. I say unfortunately because I don’t think they’re going to do that, or else they probably would have said as much; the ‘season pass’ gimmick was a symptom of the problem, not a cause. For Battlefront 2’s sake, I hope they don’t think they’ve gotten at the source of the problem, because they’re only digging at the surface.


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